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FOLIA is a one-woman translation studio run by Edmee Sierts, dedicated to localising your content from English to Dutch or Dutch to English.


Her background in both language and theatre studies means that any text requiring a dash of creativity or sprinkling of zest in its localisation is sure to get it here.

Before embracing the world of freelance translation as her new home, Edmee was working in-house for a localisation vendor in London as a LocQA tester and translator, and has ample experience localising both in-game as well as game-related content such as descriptions found in online shops, manual content, etc.

Since going freelance, Edmee has expanded her portfolio with new clients and different types of commissions, ranging from translating CV content and interviews to summarising business text, and she’ll happily embrace any new challenges that come with working in hitherto undiscovered territory. Talking about herself in the third person, for example. That’s new.

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