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FOLIA offers various types of linguistic services in Dutch and English...
While the term “translation” is widely used, FOLIA will provide you with localisation.


In a nutshell, this means that any content you provide will be turned into something that speaks to your audience on a deeper level, taking cultural differences into account. A translation is only truly successful when the target audience doesn’t pick up on the fact that it is a translation, and that is exactly what FOLIA will offer you.

Having a second pair of eyes going over your content never hurts. 


Partnering with FOLIA means your end product will receive a dedicated and well-educated pair to do just that. Your text will be checked for grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalisation, etc., to ensure an end result you can publish with confidence.

Sometimes, the text just doesn’t flow.


While it is completely acceptable to take any number of thoughtful showers to discover your inner poet, FOLIA will gladly help you out by editing your text and providing it with the flourishes that make it stand out from other, similar texts. Give your ideas the best possible treatment they could get outside of your own head and leave them with FOLIA.

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